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Accounting Management Software promo code – May 2023

Accounting Management Software

To facilitate the daily management of your company, accounting software is essential. This software will allow you to carry out financial management tasks such as the establishment of invoices or estimates, accounting entry, or even the VAT declaration in a simple and efficient way. Via a dashboard that is generally complete, ergonomic, and customizable, it allows you to centralize all these time-consuming, yet strategic tasks. You can then save precious time and concentrate more efficiently on the management of your business.

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logo quickbooks

Quickbooks 1 deal available

Optimize your accounting and invoicing management with ease.

Quickbooks is a software that will allow you to manage your accounting quickly and easily. Record your expenses with simple photos, analyze your cash flow, manage your unpaid bills, and many other tasks that will simplify your accounting life.

30% off for 6 months (up to $360)
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logo dougs

Dougs 1 deal available

An online accountant for better management and more efficiency.

Dougs is a platform that will allow you to be in touch with an online accountant. Available to help you at any time, they will manage your accounting to save you time so you can concentrate on the many other tasks required in running your business.

2 months free (Pack Liberté) and 50€ discount on your business registration (up to $138)
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logo pennylane

Pennylane 1 deal available

All-in-one financial management platform

Pennylane allows you to centralize all your company’s accounting and financial management in one place. Quotes and invoices management, purchase management, or sales management are all elements that you will find in the dashboards of this SaaS tool.

3 months free on all plans (up to $297)
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logo freebe

Freebe 1 deal available

Micro-business management software for freelancers

From the edition of a quote to the declaration of the turnover, freelancers can manage their entire micro-enterprise with Freebe. All the tedious administrative tasks are simplified to leave them time to manage their business and their customers.

50% off on annual plan (up to $42)
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logo axonaut

Axonaut 1 deal available

360° Business Management Software

From sales prospecting to cashing, manage all your company's support activities with Axonaut.

3 months free up to 50 users (up to $2,754)
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logo ipaidthat

IPaidThat 1 deal available

Financial and account management tool

iPaidThat is the tool that will allow you to simplify your accounting. This tool allows you to automatically collate your invoices, pay your expenses, send documents and record the movements of your accounts. All this, to save you time and...

3 months free on any plan (up to $147)
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logo rocketchart

RocketChart 1 deal available

The new way to do cash flow

Are you tired of complicated Excel sheets? RocketChart makes cash flow management not only easier but more reliable.

30% off over 12 months (up to $176)
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logo forecastr

Forecastr 1 deal available

Financial model design platform

The Forecastr platform walks through the process of creating a robust financial model. Accelerate your company’s growth, impress your investors, and forecast revenue efficiently.

25% off the annual subscription + $0 onboarding fees (up to $500)
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logo every

Every 1 deal available

All-in-one financial management solution

The Every platform supports founders in the management of their company’s finances. From accounting to treasury to HR, Every offers complete functionalities to help you optimize your financial management.

9 months free on the HR plan (up to $2,250)
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logo synder

Synder 1 deal available

Accounting software for e-commerce

The Snyder platform saves you valuable time by fully automating your accounting and connecting all sales channels in a common ecosystem. Ideal for improving the growth of your online business.

30% off annual plans (up to $356)
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logo xero


The accounting software that will simplify all your tasks

Xero is the tool that will boost all your accounting tasks; available at any time, for your entire team, on all of your devices without any set-up required.

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logo debitoor


An invoicing software developed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and SMEs

At Debitoor, we like to help small businesses thrive. Our invoicing software has been developed over years with one thought in mind : making invoicing easy and within reach of anyone. You should not waste time doing invoices and handling your...

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logo sellsy


Stay one step ahead with the best CRM, invoicing & accounting software

Get rid of administrative overhead with an online solution that automates your accounting. Sellsy is your all-in-one solution for sales management: CRM pipelines, Invoicing, Timetracking, Customer Support Ticketing, ERP, POS and many more...

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logo libeo


Manage and pay your bills simply

Dematerialize, track and pay all your supplier invoices on a single platform. Without IBAN and in one click. Manage and pay your bills simply with Libeo, make your life easier. Automated entry of invoices. Libeo centralizes all your invoices...

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logo ça compte pour moi

Ça Compte Pour Moi

The online accountant, close to you

Registered with the OEC, the Order of Chartered Accountants, Ça Compte Pour Moi, an online accounting firm, has supported more than 2,500 business leaders throughout France since 2015. Ça Compte Pour Moi work hand in hand with business leaders to...

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