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Recruitment Software

Recruiting talent is a highly strategic step for a company. However, it is also a complex and time-consuming process. It is necessary to identify the most relevant potential candidates for your business needs. Then, it is necessary to deploy efficient recruitment phases including the screening of applications and the organization of interviews. This is why recruitment software is necessary. It allows teams to streamline the entire process and not miss any talent. Indeed, such a SaaS tool is capable of centralizing all the recruitment stages as well as the candidates’ data.

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About Recruitment

How much does recruitment software cost?

To manage your company’s applications, it is important to have a suitable solution. However, what about the rates offered on the market? Given the variety of players and the complexity of the pricing method, it is difficult to find your way around.

Firstly, you will generally find four types of pricing:

- Per location pricing which, for example, allows you to manage one job offer per month.

- The user fee where the price is defined according to the number of users who connect to the management software.

- There is also the CV pricing. The price then depends on the number of applications collected in the tool.

- Finally, we have unlimited pricing. In this case, everything is included in the offer proposed by the software publisher.

As you can imagine, rates can vary greatly depending on the type of pricing. The choice must first be made according to your needs. However, it is possible to find a recruitment solution with a monthly fee of between 80 and 100 euros per month. This is the price range we recommend unless your company requires a lot of administrative management.

What is the best recruitment software?

To ensure successful campaigns, it is essential to acquire a suitable human resources management tool. This tool should be specialized in the recruitment process. In addition, to recruit effectively, your software solution should have a pleasant user interface, relevant features, and secure data usage. To simplify your tasks and help your HR department recruit the best profiles, here is a selection of the best recruitment software.

The first step in your recruitment process is of course to define your needs. This involves creating a job description and listing the positions to be filled. The next step is to publish a job advertisement online. To help you find the rare pearl among a large pool of candidates, Indeed is ideal. Within the same tool, it is possible to create an ad and post it on a specialized platform. In addition, the required skills are added and a selection process is integrated. Once the best CVs have been received, all that remains to be done is to sort out the applications and set up appointments with potential candidates.

To modernize your recruitment process, Taleez is perfectly suited. This tool allows you to deploy a complete Talent Management strategy. Taleez allows you to efficiently source the best profiles. Advertisements or internship offers are distributed in a few clicks to the most efficient platforms in terms of recruitment. In a second step, the tool centralizes the follow-up of each candidate’s application. Your employees do not have to switch from one software to another and are able to concentrate fully on the tasks of selecting candidates. Therefore, this specialized software is relevant for easy recruitment and ensures a significant time saving.

The most demanding users will turn to Freshteam. This is a complete SaaS solution for managing HR tasks. This software will make it easy to recruit the best candidates, as the process is centralized from A to Z on Freshteam. Posting job offers that match your needs, centralizing the applications received and each cover letter, organizing interviews, everything is possible thanks to this software. If Freshteam allows the recruiter to gain in efficiency, its interest goes beyond this first step. Indeed, it integrates personnel management functionalities, such as holiday management, absenteeism rate check, or centralization of employee data.

What type of software do recruiters use?

Recruiters are looking to find the right candidate for the right job in their company. To achieve this goal, it is not advisable to pile a lot of CVs on a desk or to receive a multitude of applications by email in an anarchic way.

This is why recruiters use so-called recruitment software or application management software (ATS). A SaaS solution of this type will first of all enable the needs of the department concerned to be defined and a complete and relevant job description to be drawn up. Then, the tool supports recruiters in the distribution of advertisements on various platforms specializing in talent recruitment.

Secondly, once the applications have been received, the human resources department analyzes the profiles using ATS software. This saves precious time, as the tool searches for keywords to perform an initial sorting of the applications. This is an essential phase, as it allows recruiters to focus on high value-added tasks instead of wasting precious time on time-consuming tasks.

Then, once the software transmits the best applications, the recruitment manager uses the tool to organize interviews with the concerned candidates. This optimizes the appointment stage, as the interviews with the various candidates are added directly to the recruiter’s schedule.

To carry out an optimal recruitment strategy, a single SaaS tool can meet the needs of a recruiter and centralize all requirements. From the sourcing phase to the signing of the employment contract, recruitment software is definitely a valuable ally in finding the msot promising talent on the job market in record time.