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Email Marketing Software promo code – February 2023

Email Marketing Software

To reach new customers, retain existing ones, or even take advantage of Marketing Automation, email marketing campaigns are perfect. They allow you to personalize your message to gain efficiency and create a close relationship with your customers. In this context, the use of emailing software ensures that you save time thanks to the massive and targeted sending of emails. In addition, a suitable tool is ideal to have access to a lot of data continuously.

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About Email Marketing

Why is email marketing an important part of your marketing strategy?

Creating an email marketing campaign is very important, regardless of the size of your business or its sector.

The first advantage is its simplicity. Indeed, sending your customers personalized emails is child’s play with a suitable sending tool. No technical knowledge is required and the cost of such a campaign is very affordable.

To attract and retain customers by offering them a relevant message, many companies have chosen to use email. The reason is simple: it is the perfect channel to reach your customers wherever and whenever they are. You can then analyze customer behavior in detail through open rates or purchase behavior on an e-commerce site.

Although it is a non-intrusive channel, email marketing is also perfect for communicating with your customers. You can then simply offer them personalized messages that really meet their expectations. In this way, you can improve your brand image in a natural way.

Integrating customer loyalty is also one of the objectives of email marketing. It allows you to remind your customers on key dates such as their birthday. This is the perfect time to offer them a voucher to use in the store. In addition, using marketing automation or automated marketing will allow you to carry out all these mailings without thinking about it. The software will send the emails in question at the right time and to the right person.

How can small businesses succeed with email marketing campaigns?

To get the most out of setting up an email marketing campaign, there are a few key rules to follow.

First, to add prospects interested in your products or services to your contacts base, you need to offer them a registration form. This can be integrated on your website, but also on your social network pages or on a blog. To be successful in collecting a customer’s email address, the form should be fun, engaging, and easy to use.

When your list of potential customers becomes large, you can start segmenting your targets to design a tailored message. A 70 year old retiree will not have the same interests as a mal customer in his 20s. Defining the needs will allow you to respond more effectively and deliver the right message.

The next step is to create attractive and appealing email marketing templates. They should attract the prospect and encourage them to go further down the conversion tunnel. Note that this is also a good time to add a link to your social networks.

The email should be sent in a way that is consistent with your editorial calendar. Do you publish blog posts? Do you have special events for your new products? Synchronizing marketing emails with other publications is ideal for increasing your return on investment.

Finally, it is essential to continue optimizing an email marketing campaign. To do this, you need to set up test phases. These will allow you to detect areas for improvement. Different KPIs or key performance indicators should then be monitored such as opening rate, the click rate, or the unsubscribe rate.

What is the best email marketing platform?

To ensure a good management of email campaigns, the ideal is to acquire a specialized software. Indeed, such a platform will allow you to considerably improve the efficiency of your mailings, save time, and significantly increase your ROI.


The first tool we recommend is Sendinblue. This is a complete software in SaaS mode that centralizes all your marketing and sales tools. The strength of this tool is its ability to precisely segment your audiences to target them more effectively. In addition to emails, this mailing software helps you create impactful landing pages. The implementation of A/B tests and the consultation of complete reports will allow your teams to improve the campaigns in the medium and long term. Finally, your team will also be able to extend the campaigns to SMS marketing thanks to adapted functionalities.


If you are looking for a complete platform to manage your email campaigns, SendGrid is the perfect choice. First of all, its editor, which is accessible to all, works on a drag-and-drop principle. You can therefore create pleasant emails in a few minutes that will make your customers want to read them and increase the rate of engagement. Based on a solid infrastructure, SendGrid is capable of sending a very large number of transactional or marketing emails. In addition, the automation of email delivery will allow you to create qualitative and personalized experiences for your customers.

Email List Validation

This tool optimizes your marketing practices by cleaning up your contact lists. Email List Validation is indeed able to detect false addresses, non-performing addresses, or inactive addresses and remove them. You can then optimize your list and contact only high-value prospects. This avoids sending unnecessary emails and refocuses your efforts on the most favorable addresses. In addition, this software can be easily synchronized with your CRM to automatically correct your email addresses as soon as they are added and saved in your files or the platforms you use on a daily basis. You will then always have the right addresses to contact the right people and improve your conversion rate.